Scott Peterson, CEO – Interstates

How do culture, physical space, and hybrid work practices connect? Listen to this interview with Scott Peterson, the CEO of Interstates, and learn how to create a culture that provides employees the freedom to choose, “the best place to do your best work.”  

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New Work. New Rules.

What is work? Historically, it has been all about processes. Companies have risen and fallen that built products and provided services. Process-driven factory workers have churned out automobiles and office furniture. Process-driven service providers have provided audit and IT services. Everything we have done in the past has been about completing tasks to meet a…

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Better Together: Balancing Compelling Spaces with the Need for Safety

Over the last several years, interior designers and architects have been creating spaces that bring people together, foster creativity, and support generative work. These spaces brought agile work teams into proximity with one another to work on projects and move their businesses forward. Suddenly in 2020, pandemic has struck, and our teams were flung out…

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The Post-Covid Workplace – How We are Safely Returning our Teams to the Office

The shock of having to completely re-imagine the way we do business was tough for everyone to figure out. Learning how to create a safe and healthy office environment was a challenge, but fortunately we were able to lean on the insights and expertise of Steelcase to develop our understanding of the post-Covid workplace. We…

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