Collaborative engineering firm moves into new, employee-friendly office

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New USD Health Sciences building designed to prepare future health care professionals

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Expanded, renovated building becomes one-of-a-kind headquarters for Bender Cos.

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Building community: Intentionally designed spaces set up nonprofits for success

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New Landscape Garden Centers headquarters/design studio delivers contemporary industrial feel with upcycled special touches

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With new office design, furnishings, a firm that was out of space has room to grow

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Inside unique hospital, environment is created to support mental, emotional healing

“It looks like something you could have in your living room.” That was the goal for Avera’s Behavioral Health Hospital addition. Here’s how they achieved it. Read More

‘Like an extension of the team’: Sioux Falls Canaries’ new office knocks it out of the park

Every office design strives to be a home run – and for the Sioux Falls Canaries, it was mission accomplished. Read More

From historic building to new construction, offices embrace flexible design

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Inside hybrid workplaces: Offices redesign spaces to reflect new approach to work

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SDSU Student Union shines with major facelift for the future

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Fast-growing architecture firm moves modern office into building it helped design

When the designers of Railyard Flats partnered with the Designers of Interstate Office Products, this exceptional office for CO-OP Architecture was the result! Read More

Inclusive design process leads one of Sioux Falls’ most established law firms to new, modern look

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Century-old bank puts modern twist on new Sioux Falls office

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Inside newly renovated DakotaDome, coaches, players, fans are in for big improvement

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Startup ready to grow with new, modern office designed for changing needs

“Clients receive the same experience and full design capabilities regardless of size. From the initial consult, we provide the same level of service regardless of product or volume.”  Read More

With new building, Capital Services hopes to offer exceptional employee experience

“They are very consultative, very collaborative, and they wanted the vibe to be something a little more upscale professional.” And that’s what they got! Check out the new Capital Services headquarters. Read More

Bank’s new south-side home offers first-class experience for clients, staff

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Client-focused brand drives design of growing firm’s new office

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Historic building meets modern office renovation for growing investment, hospitality firm

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Fast-growing firm expands office with focus on employee satisfaction

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Fast-growing businesses turn to fast-growing firm to support office needs


Rapidly-changing business conditions call for quick adaptations. Find out how fast-growing firms in corporate, education, and healthcare respond to changing business needs. Read More

Employee- and family-friendly office designs help attract talent for fast-growing bank

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Max One Nutrition, Max Muscle open in custom-designed space

A business that focuses on helping customers lead healthier lives has moved into a new building that combines a retail store and a flexible office space. Take a look inside! Read More

Clear vision: Vance Thompson designs offices with patient focus

With the right vision, incredible office spaces are possible. This team showed that in Sioux Falls and scaled out across multiple states. Read More

Health care spaces, three ways: Variety of projects shows designers’ versatility

“It’s amazing these three projects came together very quickly.” Take a look at three very different spaces for Avera – and how they all got done at essentially the same time. Read More

Cybersetting: Mad Labs building designed with focus on flexibility, collaboration

Think of it as a modern mash-up between a classroom and an office building, with a dash of Silicon Valley-like style. Look inside Mad Labs, where even the furniture is meant to support cyberwork. Read More

Avera on Louise welcomes first patients: Take a look at the finished space

Avera Specialty Hospital has started seeing its first patients! We took a look at the finished building – and what it took to finish it off for patients, families and the Avera Health team. Read More

Cutting-edge classroom sets stage for 21st century learning

Students coming back to class at Sioux Falls Christian Schools are finding new space that reflects a more modern approach to learning. Come inside the classrooms with us for a look! Read More

Modern meets glam in a one-of-a-kind downtown living space

Walk into downtown’s newest place to live, and there’s a wow factor. Come inside this art deco-inspired space furnished to feel like a glamorous home while accommodating hundreds of resdients. Read More

Inside the ultimate open office

With no private offices but tons of space for “casual collisions” and collaboration, Interstates is finding big benefits to its new building. Go inside with us to explore the new space. Read More

Modern mortgage office offers space for individuals, collaboration

“They design it in a way that improves your culture. It feels like it’s easier to recruit employees and keep the ones you have.” Step inside the new mortgage office for Plains Commerce Bank and see what a difference the right space can make! Read More

Inside the CEO’s office, modern makeover offers flexible work space

From a traditional office to a modern workspace, we took a look at a recent transformation and some cutting-edge pieces that might inspire you to update your office too. Read More

Creating an ‘un-call center’ with creative, cost-effective design

They set out to turn a former college building into an “un-call center” appealing to workers. Here’s how Farmers Business Network got its new office redesigned on time and on budget. Read More

Total transformation: Downtown shelter evolves into modern marketing firm

“We had to turn a homeless shelter into the most modern agency experience in the state.” Here’s how Epicosity got it done. Read More

Big-city offices designed from Sioux Falls

One is a high-rise office. Another is a downtown headquarters. Others are sites in multiple cities. But they’re all designed and furnished from Sioux Falls, where Interstate Office Products has been helping area clients create meaningful work environments nationwide. Read More

New bank branch is anything but traditional

This isn’t what most people will be expecting when they enter a bank branch. Here’s how Reliabank created a next-generation look in its new location. Read More

Customer, employee-friendly approach taken to design new City Center

The new City Center office building is open to the public. Look inside for some ideas for any other organization looking to modernize their office space. Read More

When a waiting room becomes more than a waiting room

At Dakota Allergy and Asthma, patients must use the waiting room to monitor for possible reactions. So, our new design turned the space into a place guests can make their own. Read More

Classic meets modern in new downtown law firm office

It’s gone from traditional to modernized, three floors down to one in a matter of months. Take a look inside the new Cutler Law Firm. Read More

Outdoor living in the office: It’s possible with the right design

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Executive space: Three presidents invite us into their offices

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Behind the scenes: from ‘old-school bank’ to modern wealth management office

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From impressive recruitment room to fan lounges, USD unveils improved spaces

We helped create the impressive new home for The University of South Dakota basketball teams. Read More

Learning for the future bolstered by innovation in design, furnishings

Designing space that promotes better learning: Here’s what it did for Augustana University and what it could even do for your workplace. Read More