Steelcase Chair Comparison

Manufacturer Steelcase Series 1 Steelcase Series 2 Steelcase Amia Steelcase Leap
Description Steelcase Series 1 makes high-quality seating attainable for everyone and everywhere. It delivers performance, style and choice, unprecedented in its class of seating. Best in class. A new class. By Steelcase. The Series 1 integrated Live Back™ system provides proper, responsive support for all users in order to support a broader range of postures. The cantilevered soft curved arm caps are attached to the backrest in a way that optimizes Series 1 for collaborative and talk focused postures. The Series 1 advanced weight activated mechanism automatically applies backrest tension based on the weight of the person sitting in the chair. Series 2 is the attainable, high-performing task chair that you can personalize with extensive style choices. Its backrest signals comfort and sophisticated support, while the slim profile and light-scale look can help optimize any space. The back features an innovative geometric design that flexes in two dimensions to provide continuous support for your spine as you move. Series 2 features our signature Air LiveBack® technology. Air LiveBack® technology works through an innovative geometric design that provides sophisticated support. Breathable and transparent, the specially engineered wave pattern is scaled to provide appropriate support for each part of your spine. It flexes in two dimensions as you move to create responsive, personalized comfort and fit. Amia is a hardworking, versatile, ergonomic office chair that adds an element of sophistication to any workspace. Amia’s armrests are connected to the mechanism and remain parallel with the worksurface during recline so you can maintain proper forearm support regardless of sitting upright, reclined, or anywhere in between. Amia ®’s LiveLumbar™ technology supports user’s unique spine shape encouraging healthy motion throughout the day. Amia was the first chair in the Steelcase seating portfolio to offer adaptive bolstering. The seat cushion is uniquely engineered with channels cut out of the foam on the bottom side so the bolsters of the seat (curvature of the seat) can adapt to your unique shape and disperse weight evenly for a comfortable sit. A perfect fit with an exceptional range of adjustments, Leap office chair delivers full support for various body shapes and sizes. Leap’s LiveBack™ technology supports the user’s unique spine shape and moves with you as you change postures, encouraging healthy motion throughout the day. Leap’s Natural Glide™ mechanism allows users to recline and stay oriented to their work; also, the arms are attached to the mechanism allowing users to maintain forearm support while typing and reclining.Leap’s passive seat edge angle allows the front edge of the seat to flex which relieves pressure behind user’s thighs automatically. Also, the lower back firmness control and adjustable lumbar allow users to adjust for proper lower back support.
Mechanism Advanced Weight – Activated Weight-activated mechanism Advanced Synchro- tilt Natural Glide
Seat height adjustment Chair: 5″ range from 16.5″ to 21.5″ Chair: 5″ range of 16.5″ to 21.5″ Chair: 5″ range from 16″ to 21″ Chair: 5″ range of 15.5″ to 20.5″
Seat Depth Adjustment 2.25″ range of 15.5″ to 17.75″ 3.75″ range of 14″ to 17.75″ 3″ range from 15.5″ to 18.5″ 3″ range of 15.75″ to 18.75″
Chair Width 23.5 to 27″ 27″ 26.75″ 27″
Chair Depth 21″ to 23.75″ 19.25″ to 22″ 21″ to 23.75″ 21.75″ to 24.75″
Back Tension Adjustment Yes, weight activated with tension boost Comfort dial with regular or boosted tension setting Yes Yes
Height adjustable lumbar 2.25″ range of 6.5″ to 8.75″ Lumbar height from seat: 8.5-9.75″ 3.75″ range of 6.25″ to 10″ 5″ range of 5.25″ to 10.25″
Variable Backstop Upright back lock Upright back-lock Upright back-lock Yes, 5 position
Arm Adjustment Ranges Heights 5″ range Arm height from seat: 7.5″ to 11.5″ 4″ range of 7″ to 11″ 4″ Range of 7″ to 11″
Arm Adjustment Ranges Width (must adjust inboard of the seat pan) 2″ per arm 2.25″ adjustment in each direction 2.25″ per arm 2.25″ per arm
Arm Adjustment Ranges Pivot 80° (40° in, 40° out) 30 degrees inward and outward 60° (30° in, 30° out) 60° (30° in, 30° out)
Arm Adjustment Ranges Depth 2″ range 3″ range 3″ range
Warranty Structural Elements Lifetime, 24/7 Lifetime, 24/7 Lifetime, 24/7 Lifetime, 24/7
Warranty Mechanism, Arm Caps, Foam, Cylinders, Casters 12 years, 24/7 12 years, 24/7 12 years, 24/7 12 years, 24/7
Warranty Textiles 5 or 12 years, 24/7 (dependent on upholstery) 5 or 12 years, 24/7 (dependent on upholstery) 5 or 12 years, 24/7 (dependent on upholstery) 5 or 12 years, 24/7 (dependent on upholstery)
Weight Tested To 400 lbs. 400lb 400 lbs 400 lbs.
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